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Discover outstanding career positions at Technologies Lanka, a Knorr Bremse division, a worldwide leader in brake systems, HVAC and doors.

We hire quality people in several fields and our growth is exceptionnal. State-of-the-art innovation and quality manufacturing help Technologies Lanka exceed Customer needs.

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Who are we?

 Technologies Lanka, North American leader in development and manufacture of train systems and components adapted to your needs.

Our systems have been in revenue service for over 10 years in numerous passenger rail and locomotive applications across Canada and the USA. A Knorr-Bremse division, world leader in rail systems.

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Superior quality products

Door System

Technologies Lanka offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products for train doors system that meets the North American railway standards. The flagship product of Technologies Lanka, the linear motor, has been specially designed to meet the needs of transport authorities in terms of reliability, quality and lightness. 

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HVAC - Ventilation system

Technologies Lanka offers a range of related products to the HVAC unit. These items are popular for the refurbishing of existing fleets of trains. Although we have several concepts in service, we always adapt our products to customer’s interfaces, and conceive within tight deadlines.

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Power electronics

In terms of power electronics, Technologies Lanka stands out once again by a range of products completely adapted to your needs. Our research and development team is able to understand your expectations and materialize them, with a final result of a quality unit at a competitive price.

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Monitoring & maintenance systems

An out-of-service train is expensive, that’s why our diagnostic and maintenance products will help you analyze the faults of the various systems and perform preventive maintenance. Most of our products allow you to monitor the system’s status on your phone, tablet and computer using an application designed for that purpose.

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