Knorr Bremse Worldwide


We have several quality rail products and systems available, fully adaptable to your suit your needs

Lock Assembly

Touch Plate / Push Button

Door Controller

Passenger Detector

Door Operator - Pocket Linear Actuator

Door Operator - Overhead Linear Actuator

Emergency Handle

Master Relay

End Door Lock

Control Box

Current Sensor (1x 25 A or 1 x 100 A or 3 x 25 A)


Controller & Inverters (C&I)

Air Conditioning Control Unit (ACCU)

Temperature Control Unit (TCU)

Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) / Battery Charger

Battery Temperature Sensor

Remote Display Unit Assembly

BCL 15 A

IR Transmitter / Receiver

Wi-Fi Router

Bearing Monitoring System (BMS)

Wi-Fi HSP (36 V)