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Quality custom solutions​


Door Systems

Technologies Lanka offers a wide range of state-of-the-art door system products that meet North American railway standards. Our flagship product, the linear motor, has been specially designed to meet the needs of transit authorities in terms of reliability, quality, and weight.


  • Door Operator - Pocket Linear Actuator
  • Door Operator - Overhead Linear Actuator
  • Door Controller
  • Passenger Detector
  • Touch Plate / Push Button
  • Emergency Handles
  • Relays
  • Lock Assemblies



HVAC - Ventilation Systems

Technologies Lanka has designed a large number of HVAC controllers. These items are popular to refurbish aging fleets. Even though we have several designs in revenue service, we always adapt our products to our customers’ HVAC systems. We are also known for our ability to meet tight deadlines.


  • Control Box
  • Current Sensor (1x 25 A or 1 x 100 A or 3 x 25 A)
  • Controller
  • Controller & Inverters (C&I)
  • Air Conditioning Control Unit (ACCU)
  • Temperature Control Unit (TCU)



Power Electronics

In terms of power electronics, Technologies Lanka stands out once again. Our research and development team is able to understand any requirements any expectations, turning them into a high quality final product at a competitive price.


  • Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) / Battery Charger
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Remote Display Unit Assembly



Monitoring & Maintenance systems

Because an out-of-service train is expensive, our diagnostic and maintenance products are meant to help with fault analysis and preventive maintenance. Most of our products allow to monitor system status on a smart phone, tablet, or computer using a dedicated application.


  • BCL 15 A
  • IR Transmitter / Receiver
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Bearing Monitoring System (BMS)
  • Wi-Fi HSP (36 V)